Today, several definitions are available to define the meaning of RPO which is best known as Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). In RPO, a client (or an employer) transfers the ownership of their Recruitment process partially or completely to the RPO provider.Thus, RPO works as an extension of the HR department of the client’s company and effectively handle the Recruitment process.

At Ascent iQ, we have a team of highly reliable, certified and self-motivated RPO professionals which effort hard to find the elite talent for your company.Our strength is our experienced professionals they work in more organize and manageable manner so that they can fullfil client’s recruitment needs by placing right candidate on an offered position. Moreover, the success of our services can easily be measured by time to hire, quality of hire, and cost of hire and to acquire this, we can go extra miles, without any care.

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Here is the list of RPO activities:

  • Identifying Job Requirements
  • Planning Strategy
  • Searching Skilled Candidates
  • Pre-Employment Screening
  • Compliance Tracking
  • Recruitment Analytics Support
  • Reporting and Audits
  • Hiring Manager Training
  • Technology Consulting
  • Third Party Vendor Management

Benefit of Our RPO Services

Quality of Hires
The main purpose of our RPO services is to find highly qualified and experienced candidate which best suited to the client requirements. For this purpose, our RPO professionals use their skill, knowledge, time and resources in searching,sourcing, screening and presenting the best candidate for the proposed position.

Reduce the Cost of Hiring
Cost effectiveness is the primary objective of our RPO services and this can be done by reducing the cost of in-house Recruitment Division. Moreover, we also fasten the process of filling the proposed position and also reduce the cost of HR resources spent on finding candidates.

Reduce Time to Hire
The prime objective of our services is to reduce the time to hire by using the tailored approach of recruiting process and make sure that the recruitment process must completed on the specified time.

Talent Pooling
Our RPO professionals efficiently maintain a database of talented candidates and presented this information to our clients while they raised the recruitment requirements.

Recruitment Process and Assessment Design
Sometime we completely re-design the recruitment process of an organization which should be consistent for all the departments and divisions. This will help the upper management to easily understand the process follow, its progress and assess the design effectiveness and efficiency.

Analytical Approach and Reporting
Our RPO services follow analytical approach where client can easily track and trace the proposed recruitment process at any stage. We generate real time reporting system which explains everything in detailed and moreover these reports can be used for improvement and audit purposes.

Expertise on Compliance Regulations
RPO providers have excellent knowledge on labour laws and standards. Thus, they kept detailed records and effectively mapped every stage of the Recruitment process at any point of time.

Reduce the Cost for Advertising
When company hires RPO provider, they indirectly cut down the cost of advertisement as this is the responsibility of RPO provider is to find right candidate using their own resources.

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