Mobile App Development is similar to the Web Development Services. The only difference between them is that Mobile App is designed to run only on your“Mobile Phones”whereas web development refers to the process of developing business’s website run over the “Internet”. As per today’s trend, mobile is the necessity of all the people thus they want to view and access all the information through their mobile. Moreover, we also prefer applications which are easily run on their mobiles so that they can access the information from anywhere anytime.

Mobile App Development

Mobile app development refers to the process of developing mobile based applications. This means, these applications are run only on your mobile phones. At Ascent iQ, we have a team of qualified and experienced mobile app developers. They can develop highly advance and modern featured mobile apps which can easily access and run on your mobile phones. Moreover, we effectively and efficiently implement the Responsive functionality while developing an application. This means that your application can easily open in any type of screen size and type. Not only this, we develop application that supports any platform namely Android, Windows etc.

Mobile App Development

We offer mobile app developments services mainly in the following areas:

  • Online shopping sites
  • Educational sites
  • Online gaming websites
  • Tour and Travelling sites

Our Mobile App Development Process

Step1 : Gather information about client’s requirements.

Step2 : Plan a strong strategy for mobile app development process by creating a site layout.

Step3 : Design the shape of a mobile application as per the gather information. Here, all the pages of an application are attractively designed by keeping the user friendliness in mind.

Step4 : Develop codes for mobile app as per the finalize design.

Step5 : Perform testing of the mobile application as per the mentioned requirements, features etc. And if everything is OK, deliver the application to the client.

Step6 : Feedback implementation

Step7 : Maintenance

Benefits of Our Mobile App Development Process:

  • Highly attractive and eye-catching designs
  • User friendly application interface
  • Improves efficiency.
  • Highlyscalable solution
  • Advance responsive designs
  • Secures your application data and information
  • Easily integrates with existing software
  • Easy to maintain and update as per the requirements

Mobile App Services are given as follow:

Target Market and Target Audience

Android App Development

Android is the most popular operating system of the smart phones which is highly interactive and user friendly in nature. We are expert in utilizing various mobile App development tools like Java, HTML, Eclipse, CSS, Android SDK, and Android studio and develop Android mobile apps. Additionally, we use an Android apps development solution which includes Enterprise, M-Commerce, Social Media, Custom and Android Widget to develop Android applications

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Window App Development

We develop Window based mobile apps which are easily accessible through Windows based mobile phones. Our experts strategically utilize the latest Windows application development and mobile technology to create highly advance apps which are tailored to meet all the client’s requirements and business goals. Our Windows app development team has great knowledge about Net Compact Framework, Visual Studio, Pocket PO 2003, Windows mobile SDK, Windows Mobile 2003 and 6.0, and C++ for Windows apps development.

Target Market and Target Audience

iPhone App Development

At Ascent iQ, we have a team of qualified and experienced iPhone app developers who are well versed in latest iPhone app development tools like XCODE, Interface Builder, OSX, and Objective C. Our experts offer highly advance and functional solution for their clients as they always updated their technical skill with features of latest user interface techniques for best deliverables.

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Hybrid App Development

As per today’s competitive environment and functional advancement in mobile apps gives boost to the need of high consistency. For this purpose, Hybrid arises as a solution and the next-generation technique that can effectively and smoothly work with all kinds of electrical devices namely mobiles and tablets. Our experts develop interactive Hybrid applications using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript platforms.

Target Market and Target Audience

Blackberry App Development

We offer BlackBerry app development services to all our clients to run on black berry smart phones. Our mobile apps are user friendly and highly interactive in nature. For these app developments, we use different application platforms like C/C++/Qt, JavaScript/CCS/HTML, ActionScript/AIR, or Java.

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Game App Development

We offer to develop interactive and user-friendly game apps for all types of smart phones and tablets. These game apps are effectively designed by embedding advance functionality. Our experts create highly responsive gaming applications that can easily opened in any electrical devices like mobile phones, tablets without losing any information.

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