For any business, a website plays an important role in its success. Thus, all the components of a website should be more attractive, meaningful and effectively placed to attract more people. Examples of website components are graphics (images), videos, contents, logos, text styles and types etc.

A website consists all the information about your business, products, and services. The main component of a Website is the“Graphic” which indirectly communicates with customers, provides product’s details and convince them to avail your services. Thus, the graphic used in a website must be more attractive and meaningful so that it can easily build a bridge between company and customers. Now, we all think about graphic and how effectively we design it?.

Graphic Design

What is Graphic Designing?

Graphic designing refers to the process of designing attractive yet meaningful images for a website. These images help in effectively promoting your business and its products so that more people visit your website to buy products. At Ascent iQ, we have a team of highly qualified and experienced graphic designers who attractively design your website, related images and effectively place these components to attract customers. For graphic Designing, our professionals gather more information about client’s business by spending time with client and carefully listening their requirements. After that, they design beautifully by keep customers requirements in mind and aimed to ensure huge traffic for your website.

Our Graphic Design Process:

Our process is categorized into four phases namely Definition, Creation, Feedback and last is Delivery.This approach can be applied to nearly every design project:

Phase 1: Definition: Defining Client’s Requirements and Gathering Related Information

  • Gathering and Analysing Business Requirements
  • Creatives Briefing
  • Research and Brainstorming before Graphic Design

Phase 3: Feedback: Sending First Draft for Feedback

  • Presenting First Draft of design and send it for Feedback
  • Implementing Feedbacks

Phase 2: Creating Outline: Creating Outlines

  • Drawing Rough Sketches
  • Building Designs
  • Refining Designs

Phase 4: Delivery: Final Designs

  • Final Delivery of Designs

Benefits of our Graphic Design Services:

  • Highly attractive and creative designs
  • Effectively present all website components
  • Effectively present product details
  • Ensuring huge quality traffics
  • Higher conversion ratio
  • Greater flexibility

Our Graphics Services are given as follow:

Target Market and Target Audience

Logo Designing

Generally, a logo refers to a symbol, name or trademark of a company. It creates a concise image in the mind of the targeted audiences about the company. Thus, logo should be more meaningful, concise and relevant whenever customer see your company’s logo, they can easily recognize the company, its products and services. At Ascent iQ, we have a graphical designing team which are well versed and experienced in their work. Before creating any graphical object, like logo, they spend enough time in understanding client’s business, their products, services and requirements. After getting all the information, they start drawing visual elements for your company’s website and effectively place them.

Deciding on the right Social Media Mix

Animated Design

We offer highly advance and modern graphic designing services. Our designs not only include still images but we also create animated designs where designs are shown in a series of pictures or frames with special effects and movements.

Deciding on the right Social Media Mix

Banner Design

We offer banner designing services where our experts work hard to design your company banner in the same way you want or effectively present your brand information in front of the targeted audiences and indirectly force them to avail your services.

Deciding on the right Social Media Mix

Business Card Designing

We design every element used in your business and it’s promotional front like website, business card etc. Our experts have variety of business card designs in which all information are placed in more professional and meaningful format

Target Market and Target Audience

Promotional Material Design

We design all types of promotional material for promoting client’s brand and increase their profitability. Some of the promotional materials are product brochures, destination guides, fliers, leaflets, invitations, billboards etc.

Deciding on the right Social Media Mix

Catalogue Design

Here, we create promotional videos that can be used to promote your products and services in front of the targeted audiences. Our professionals effectively and efficiently place each element in the video so that more people can connect to your brand and avail your services.

Target Market and Target Audience

Content marketing

We attractively, efficiently and effectively design catalogues for client’s company which consists information about your business, products and services in details. All elements of a catalogue are presented more meaningfully format so that they can attract huge number of targeted audiences and easily connect to them.

Target Market and Target Audience

Corporate Identity Design

Our experts design all corporate identities which include company’s visual aspects and all design elements. Our aim is to design highly attractive and effective identities which directly impact on client’s revenue

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